Eos yng Nghapel y Graig

A video by jacob whittaker.

Record Made by a Captive Nightingale – The Property of Herr Carl Reich
10” Shellac gramophone record, 78rpm
A 1910 recording by Herr Carl Reich this was the first published recording of birdsong.

The Decca Junior gramophone.
8″ high, 10.75″ deep, 9.5″ wide.

This type of gramophone employs “Bowl-in-lid” amplification by which sound is reflected forward from the lid. Sometimes this design is called the “Trencher” because in World War One British Troops were supplied with gramophones based on this design for use in the Trenches.

The Decca Junior along with the Crescendo Junior Soundbox was introduced in 1923. The motor is Swiss made. Decca never made their own Motors or Soundboxes, the Crescendo Soundbox was also made in Switzerland.

2 Replies to “Eos yng Nghapel y Graig”

  1. I have loved seeing what is happening at Capel y Graig, Adar is so appropriate to place, and More than Raiment is not only a beautiful title ,evoking reminders of ‘the lilies of the field’ but is also, though the layers are complex, a piece that has a powerful spirit about it. From here I went to Rhod and also back to the history of Capel y Graig – Avi I salute you and am bowled over by the work your father and yourself have put into it to make it such a beautiful space. Long may you all continue to do wonderful things there. lizwit

    1. Thankyou Liz, I will pass on your thoughts and comments to my dad regarding the restoration of the capel. He tends to underestimate his remarkable contribution so thankyou for acknowledging it!
      I am pleased you have followed the Capel’s development as an art space and have loved what is happening here. Myself, Jacob and Penny are really excited about Adar 2012 and will be posting more about it soon so keep an eye out- and I hope you can come up to see it.
      Thankyou for your successful efforts to help publicise (local papers) the Capeli 2011 event here- much appreciated!
      Hope all is good with you
      Avi x

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