Adar yng Nghapel y Graig – Birds in Capel y Graig

A video by Jacob Whittaker.

English Bird Imitations – whistling solo by Edward Avis
10” Shellac graphophone record, 80rpm
Bird song imitations of the Willow Warbler, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Yellow-Hammer, Blackcap, and Song-Thrush.

A resident of New York, Avis specialized in American bird calls touring a lecture and recital entitled ‘An afternoon in birdland’
“A free lecture…Avis of NY, whose imitation of bird notes by whistling and on the violin was much enjoyed, especially by the young people.”
Bird Lore Vol. X (1908)

The Decca Junior gramophone.
8″ high, 10.75″ deep, 9.5″ wide.

This type of gramophone employs “Bowl-in-lid” amplification by which sound is reflected forward from the lid. Sometimes this design is called the “Trencher” because in World War One British Troops were supplied with gramophones based on this design for use in the Trenches.

The Decca Junior along with the Crescendo Junior Soundbox was introduced in 1923. The motor is Swiss made. Decca never made their own Motors or Soundboxes, the Crescendo Soundbox was also made in Switzerland.

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