Nest, Anushiye Yarnell, May 2016


Dawns yw NEST; mae Anushiye Yarnell yn parhau o hyd i’w dawnsio gyda’i merch fach (sy’ nawr yn bedair oed). Mae nhw’n rhannu eu coreograffeg, gan gyflawni sawl tasg ar yr un pryd i ddatgelu diben cariad o fewn bywyd cyffredin. Mae eu dawns yn datod profiadau esblygol: y newyddion fel ffenest ar y byd, golygfeydd gyda mam, trafodaethau gyda natur a gwareiddiad, rhyngwyneb gyda cheir a dieithriaid. Cornel o’r bydysawd ble mae popeth yn dechrau, yn gorfod gorffen, a rywsut yn un cwlwm cyswllt. Sut a phryd ddylech chi adael i’r ochr dywyll ddod i’r wyneb?

“Mama, sut mae mae cael y tu allan y tu mewn?”

Dewch i mewn, os gwelwch yn dda. Mae yna groeso mawr i bob un.

Nest is a dance Anushiye Yarnell continues to perform with her daughter (now four years old). They share their choreography, multitasking to unfold the function of love in ordinary life. Their dance unravels encounters with evolution: the news as a window to the world, scenarios with my mother, negotiations with nature and civilisation, interfaces with cars and strangers. A corner of the universe where everything begins, must end and is somehow connected.How and when to let the dark side in?

“Mamma, how to outside inside?”

Please come in. You are all very welcome.

Nest is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

‘I am a maker and performer whose work is drawn from personal experience, past and future mythologies. My works examine the intersection of dream and fantasy realms with ordinary life and cultural diversity, experientially unravelling the function of Love within our lives.

Through this terrain, each performance navigates its way towards a transformative destination. I dance through an assemblage of scores occupying the questions I have about life including death, humanity including the animal and the divine, love including the polarities of survival. Though personal experience is the source for these performances, they seek out the universal, the mutual, and the possibility for an imaginative experience, unique to each person within the audience. I strive to recreate each piece individually for each specific space responding to the framing of each moment, how it colludes with my life at the time and the intimate relational space into which I invite the audience.’

My dancing seeks out connections between my day to day experience of the world and anthropological, philosophical, poetic and art frameworks.’

Nest, Anushiye Yarnell, a film by Maria Alzamora



‘…the most lightly eloquent, fascinatingly subversive and beautiful work’ Sally Marie, Sweetshop Revolution Dance


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