Siriol Joyner comes home to the Capel

Obsession. Obsession. Obsession. Nid practis ‘mo hwn and it’s not a performance either. This is a ymgais i ymchwilio what needs to be dealladwy a be sy’n iawn ei fod yn anealladwy also. In a middle place, archipelagic, the first colony, language as sensual material in my mouth. A lingual event in my mouth, my hip, your eye, that spot in the room. Ac mae byw yng Nghymru‘run peth a syllu ar the paint drying and grass growing up.

Siriol Joyner is an artist who dances. Daw’r gwaith hwn o’r flwyddyn ddiweddaraf of an MFA in Choreography at the University of Arts Stockholm.

A Sharing 29/07/17

Diolch yn Fawr Siriol.


Ffoto gan Tim Skinner.

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