7 Sundays in Spring: All the Women I’ve ever Met

Prosiect gan Fern Smith

‘Women’s Vigil from midnight to first light’

31/03/18 – 01/04/18

’12 Women made an all-night vigil in a deconsecrated Welsh Capel awaiting the Easter dawn…

What would you stay awake for?’



Dyfarniadau Cymru Greadigol 2016/17 Creative Wales Awards 2016/17

‘Fern yw un o sefydlwyr Theatr Volcano, Abertawe ac mae wedi perfformio, cyfarwyddo a chynnal gweithdai ym Mhrydain a thu hwnt dros 25 mlynedd. Mae hi’n gobeithio defnyddio’i gwobr i ail-ddarganfod ei hun fel artist a datblygu iaith newydd i gyfleu ei gwaith i eraill.’  Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru

‘Fern is one of the founders of Swansea’s Volcano Theatre Company and has performed, directed and taught workshops nationally and internationally for over 25 years. Inspired by the injuries she sustained as a physical theatre practitioner, she then trained as a massage and craniosacral therapist. She seeks to re-claim a lost identity as an artist, develop a new language with which to communicate this to others and connect to a growing community of practice as a change agent and artist.’  Arts Council Wales.

‘I want to honour the significance of the passing of time between women friends and to honour the nourishment emergent meetings bring. I desire to celebrate and weave the incredible women I know together in a way which feels playful and significant. It will involve gathering 7 different circles of women to celebrate the feminine, creativity, wildness as well as the gifts and mystery inherent in all life.

Yes, this is about sisterhood. Yes, this is about “hashtag me too.” Yes, this is about identifying as women witnessing the beauty and the sorrow of this time. It’s also about honouring the fragile nature of life at a time where things and people appear to be falling apart on a daily basis.’ Fern Smith

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