I’ve Got You Under My Skin

The Rhôd Artists Group are developing a collaborative work and research project at The Tannery, Machynlleth from Monday 13th February to Sunday 11th March.
The title of the exhibition is an ‘exquisite corpse’; the sum of each artist’s own title for the show (above) they would ideally have liked to curate within The Tannery if curation was not shared with 9 other people.
The process will be mostly undertaken behind the closed doors of the gallery where it will offer the artists an opportunity to work in a site-specific way, interacting with each others work and allowing the project to change and develop in situ.
You can follow the groups’ postings here as the show progresses and the artists curate the show and discuss their particular interpretations of the processes.

The exhibition will open with a closing event on the Friday 9th March when members of the public will be invited to the gallery to see the current position of the work. This will be followed by a walk and talk around the show on Saturday 10th March in the morning and in the afternoon a discussion with the artists using video projections.
There will be a skype event on February 29th when the group will discuss the show with each other and any who wish to join them.

The process is being documented through the web on the Rhôd Blog and through the Culture Colony platform.

My contribution will be a number of activities documented and presented through the web connecting artists, locations and resources.

  • In the Tannery I will be introducing a number of record sleeves (the by-product of Vinyl Flooring in Cardigan) to be used as a resource for processing by the group.
  • Records in the Corn Exchange Gallery, Cardigan will include live webcam and an interface to connect to the other locations.
  • Capel y Graig will connect through location recordings and webcasts – other artists are invited to contribute to this, more details to follow…


Adar- An Exhibition in Capel Y Graig (30/05/11 – 03/06/11)

Mewn ymateb i Springwatch yn Ynys Hir, roedd Capel y Graig yn cynnal arddangosfa gydag Avi Allen, Penny Jones a Jacob Whittaker.

To coincide with the arrival of the BBC Springwatch to Ynys Hir RSPB reserve, Capel Y Graig, presented its first art exhibition. Work included experimental drawings, video and sound pieces exploring the relationship between birds and humans and a chance to hear the first published recording of bird song- the sound of a nightingale.

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An exhibition of work by Avi Allen, Penny Jones and Jacob Whittaker.

Visitor book comments for Adar –

Very nice to see such an incredible space being utilised for appropriate/creative and satisfying purposes. Pob lwc yn y dyfodol  Michelle Symes, Eglwys Fach

Innovative. Glad to see the chapel refurbished and used again. This will be an asset to the area. Dymyniadau da i chi a phob lwc  Wendy, Chris and Rob Fuller, Ffwrnais

A beautiful, measured exhibition- wonderful space! The dancing and drawing feathers are mesmerising! Thankyou  Cate Griffiths, Eglwys Fach

Beautiful space and evocative work Julian Ruddock, Llanafan