Emergence 2012- Land Journey South- ‘Visitation’ 2nd September

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Through combining certain actions and spoken narratives, Avi aimed to facilitate an embodied experience of place and evoke the ‘quiet’ stories and personal relationships between the capel and its members.

‘Emergence 2012 brings CAT’s pioneering work on low-carbon infrastructure together with Volcano’s work on developing the role of the arts as a crucible of ideas and visions for a sustainable society. The Summit has two parts: an international conference of leaders, thinkers and visionaries; and a five-day land journey on foot through Wales, curated by Welsh artist Simon Whitehead, that will culminate at the conference.

The purpose of the Summit is to reach across a gulf. Not a gulf between people, or between disciplines, but the much greater gulf between our objective understanding of the scale of the challenge facing humankind, and our ability to imagine a positive, practical future in which we have risen to that challenge and found new ways of living.

The Land Journey offers an additional opportunity for deepened dialogue, concentration and reflection, and the chance to connect at length with other delegates, and with the particularity of place and landscape.

The routes chosen will traverse the land in unfamiliar ways rather than simply follow the mapped tourist trails and landmarks, to reiterate the need to think differently about the things we take for granted.
These organized walks will follow two routes through a variety of beautiful landscapes and sites of significance in terms of sustainability before finally arriving at CAT in Machynlleth, one from the North of Wales, the other from the South.

Each day the walkers will encounter a person who has some direct, lived and significant relationship to the place they are passing through.’