Athroniaeth Wyllt; Gwallgofi, Rhedeg, Darllen | Wild Philosophy; Raving, Running, Reading

31/08/18 – 03/09/18

Prosiect gan Joanne Matthews fel rhan o DIY 15: 2018, wedi ei greu gan LADA (Asiantaeth Datblygu CelfyddydFyw ) a’i gefnogi gan Peilot, Chapter.

A project by Joanne Matthews as part of DIY 15: 2018, created by LADA (Live Art Development Agency) and supported by Peilot, Chapter.



‘An intensive rural retreat, reading theory and philosophy for women who are tentative to do so, channelling punk, rave energies and radical sensitivity….

The academic world can be a hierarchical and dusty place of power, a place that often feels exclusive. This DIY is about breaking down the class, and race privilege of academia and valuing responses to reading theories which are immediate, bodily and fun. The big players in theory and philosophy are often white and male, this project aims distort this power relationship. We will spend time reading women philosophers and thinkers from diverse racial backgrounds…

….a drinking game with Angela Davis, a rave in our pants with Simone De Beauvoir and running through rugged moorland with Iris Murdoch… ‘

Joanne Matthews.

‘Encilfa dwys cefn gwlad, damcaniaeth darllen ac athroniaeth i fenywod sy’n betrus amdani, sianelu pync, egnïon gloddest a hydymdeimledd radicalaidd….

Gall y byd academaidd fod yn lle hierarchaidd, llwchlyd o bŵer, lle sy’n ymddangos llawer gwaith yn gyfyngedig. Mae’r DIY hwn ynglŷn â thorri braint dosbarth a hil y byd academaidd a gwerthfawrogi ymatebion i ddamcaniaethau darllen sy’n uniongyrchol, yn gorfforol ac yn hwyliog. Mae’r chwaraewyr mawr ym myd damcaniaeth ac athroniaeth yn aml yn wyn ac yn wryw; mae’r prosiect hwn yn bwriadu ystumio’r perthynas pŵer hwn. Treuliwn ni amser yn darllen athronwyr a meddylwyr sy’n fenyw ac sydd o amryfal gefndiroedd hiliol…

….gêm yfed gydag Angela Davis, gloddest wyllt gyda Simone De Beauvoir a rhedeg dros y gweundir garw gydag Iris Murdoch… ‘

Joanne Matthews

Reading List

‘Radical Listening: A Manifesto’ by Soofiya and Andry from Strike Magazine Radical Pedagogy issue 19

‘Introduction’ from Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice, by Pauline Oliveros

‘Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic As Power’ from Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde

‘Walking After Midnight: Women, Sex, and Public Space’ from Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit

‘The Mind at Three Miles an Hour’ from Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit

‘Concrete Flowers: Contemplating the Profession of Philosophy’ in Hypatia Journal by Kristie Dotson

‘Rhythm and Matter: In Praise of the Dancing Body’ from Strike Magazine Body Issue 18

The Combahee River Collective Statement

Methodology of the Oppressed Theory Out of Bounds by Chela Sandoval

Teaching to Transgress Education as the practice of Freedom by bell hooks

Gender as Seriality: Thinking about Women as a Social Collective in Journal of Women in Culture and Society Volume 19, Number 3



more punk

more rave



Claudia Jefferies

Jenny Gaskell

Ulijona Odisarija

Caitlin Webb-Ellis

Ali Wates

Avi Allen







Joanne Matthews



I will take away the beginnings of a more organic and fluid approach to making work, using dancing and moving my body as a way to open up my brain to the flow of ideas. I do this a lot anyway, but this weekend affirmed the value of it for me. It has given me a desire to read more. The philosophical ideas we discussed as a group, particularly Audre Lorde’s ideas of The Erotic have given me new standards to strive for in my work and life.

The experience showed me how nourishing it can be to take a break from men (!) and spend time discussing ideas with women. This is something I’d like to do more often.

Claudia Jefferies


In no order of importance:
New thinkers/artists/writers/musicians/publications/podcasts to research and incorporate into my practice.
New friends and acquaintances in different disciplines.
Alternative ways of approaching philosophical or theoretical texts and finding understanding.
Practical and philosophical ideas relating to how I communicate and listen in my daily interactions with other people.
Tools for reflection and meditative practice – deep/radical listening.
The importance of a mid afternoon rest/nap for mental and physical wellbeing.

An acceptance of my body as it is.
The desire to be more activist in my daily life and practice.
A feeling that my body is alive and strong.
Fun memories.
Ideas for my upcoming participatory project, and current film project.
Concepts to test with my collaborative partner.
Confidence to go naked and not be ashamed.
A sense of strength as a woman – rebellious images and memories from this weekend simmering inside like a powerful secret

Yeast flakes!!

Caitlin Webb-Ellis